Property finders

Why are we different?


At LB-RB, we pride ourselves to be different from our competitors. We are not sales people or former real estate agents formatted to make a sale. We are doing a different job, a consulting job.

Our company was co- founded by Geraldine Fort-Menasche who always worked as an advisor, in French politics and then in real estate in London. She learned the market through the buyers’eyes and had a few occasional sales experiences to understand the other side of the fence.

Last, but not least, we concentrate our work on very few areas that we know like the back of our hand. The prime Paris market requires that buyers know not only the area in which they are buying, but also the value of the street and even more so, they should know if they are buying on the sought-after side of the street. This is why we only accept clients who are looking in Prime Central Paris and Neuilly sur-Seine.


Taking your brief

We will take the time to meet with you to understand your needs and expectations. Our international culture can help expatriates relate to us and we can offer our service in English as well as in French or Spanish.

Sourcing the right property

Once we have received your instructions and taken your brief, we will start searching for the perfect property for you. We will:

  • Make sure we access all suitable properties on and off market
  • Distribute personalised leaflets in your chosen area
  • Send you synthetic presentations stating key data and pros and cons
  • Preview properties ourselves so you avoid bad surprises
  • Send you a clear feedback on the previews
  • Set up all appointments and accompany you to the viewings at a suitable time for you, may it be evenings or week-ends.

During this process, we will keep in constant touch with you. We will also summarise your search with a spreadsheet so you can have all information at hand.


First, to perform the due diligence, we will:

  • Investigate comparables and analyse the market with professional sources

Then, we will:

  • Negotiate the price
  • Put the offer forward in the best possible way to convince the vendor. In a vendor’s market, where the competition for the right properties is fierce, it is crucial to master the art of convincing the agent and his vendor that our clients are the most motivated and trustworthy buyers they can hope for.
Ensuring completion

We will do our best to ensure the sale. In this respect, we:

  • Advise you regarding the instruction of the right notary, or “notaire”, and professional services which you may require until the completion date
  • Coordinate all the necessary procedures until the “Promesse de vente” is signed and the sale is finalised.

What to expect from us?

  • A multilingual service with an in-depth knowledge of the continental buyer’s demands
  • Flexibility: We are happy to do the viewings to accommodate busy schedules
  • Availability: We are reachable 7 days a week and after business hours
  • Time dedication: You will always be a priority for us, our company never takes on more than two searches at a time.
  • Deliverables in a professional format: PowerPoint presentations, Excel summaries, updates on the conveyancing process etc…
  • Finding a place within a three months time frame
  • Confidentiality: It is a small world and we understand it is important to be discreet and not to disclose our client identity to a third party.
  • Unicity: Your search is unique. One may not be eligible to become a client if their search clashes with the search of a current client.

For more information

We can tailor an offer suited to your specific needs. Please contact us for more information.