You’ve now decided you are moving to Paris, but where would you like to live? Paris is not as big as London, that’s for sure but each area (arrondissement) is different from one another.

LB-RB will help you with that and will make a series of articles in its blog to explain the specificities of each areas.


Situated on the right bank of the River Seine, the 17th arrondissement was historically located outside of Paris. this arrondissement is divided in 4 administrative districts which are very different from one another, both in architecture and in population : Ternes and Monceau in the southwestern part, two upper-class districts which are more Haussmannian in style; in the middle of the arrondissement, the Batignolles district, an area mostly occupied by young families or couples, with a marked gentrification process; in the northeastern part, the Épinettes district, a former industrial district gone residential, which is mainly middle class and also experiencing a less advanced gentrification process.

Many shops, food stores, restaurants can be found around rue de Levis. The area is vibrant and young. The proximity to the park makes it very attractive for joggers and families. The 17th is also close to the 8th arrondissement where many companies are located and it is within easy reach of La Défense business district.

London equivalent

The area around Parc Monceau could be compared to Kensington, whereas Batignolles has more of an Islington vibe.

Who lives there?

Upper class families live around the Ternes and Monceau. Young families, couples, or young professionals around Batignolles.

What type of property?

The most beautiful, large family appartments, Haussmannian in style, are to be found around Ternes and the Parc Monceau. Large avenues, good schools and access to one of the most beautiful park in Paris.

Batignolles is a rather interesting area undergoing a major redevelopment with the arrival of the Palais de Justice (Court House) attracting a whole new type of population.

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