One of the key aspects of relocating with children is, of course finding the right school for them.

You have mastered the London schooling system – which is a full-time job in itself – and now face starting all over again!

Do not panic! We are here to help!

In London, my daughter went an English school (Hill House International) and my son was about to enter nursery (Tadpoles). Everything was sorted, I was happy with a co-ed school which I found nice and easy as I had a boy and a girl. I never expected to relocate back to Paris. My life was settled in London, I was a Londoner.

So when I had to move to Paris for my husband’s job, my world collapsed. I had to start all over again. Being raised in Paris, I was very familiar with the traditional system and the old debate of State schools vs Private schools. But I wanted more for my English speaking daughter, so I turned to the International schools. This is when I realised the intricacies of the International system!

Which schools are the good ones? Which schools are 100% International and which schools have French people in? Some schools have nice websites and reviews but how well are they really perceived in the system? Which secondary schools do they lead to ? and which Universities? What if I want to move back to London, will my daughter be able to pass the 11+ exams?

Finally, I chose the Bilingual route and I was fortunate enough to have my daughter admitted to a leading Bilingual school. My son also got into a leading bilingual Nursery. But this achievement took a lot of research and a great deal of time and effort to achieve the desired result. This is one the reasons why I decided, along with another International Mum, to offer school guidance as part of our relocation service. And more than that, as part of the International Community in Paris we know all about stimulating activities, sports, daycare etc available for international kids In English or in French or in both. We know and can advise you on where to source English speaking domestic help and everything a family needs to feel home in Paris.

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